Now Hiring: Director of Development and Marketing

Reports To:

President / CEO, KSTC

Job Overview:

KSTC ( is an innovative organization developing and managing creative initiatives in education, entrepreneurship, disruptive R&D, and economic competitiveness.  KSTC operates a broad and diverse set of programs across these segments. KSTC is an independent non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1987.

Strategically, KSTC would like to diversify its revenue sources and is seeking a Development and Marketing Director to lead this effort to:

  • Expand its program offerings through new grant-based funding (government and non-government)

  • Significantly increase its income from non-government sources


Responsibilities and Duties:

This position will have responsibility to work with, lead and leverage the expertise and networks of the senior team (president and the president’s staff) in increasing grant revenue, building KSTC’s public image and awareness and building relationships and ultimately revenue through foundation, corporate and individual partnerships. Recognizing that these three key elements of the role require skill-sets that have some commonality yet uniqueness as well, the ability to build, leverage and manage networks of outside providers will be critical to success.


Grants, Contracts and Cooperative Agreements: Organize and lead staff members across KSTC programs to find, strategize, analyze government and non-government funding opportunities spanning education, economic development and innovation. When an opportunity aligns with KSTC’s mission, capabilities and ability to be successful, organize and lead staff members to develop, partner and apply for these opportunities.

  • Develop a strategy for pursuing these funding opportunities, working with the appropriate member(s) of the senior KSTC team and jointly lead the submission.

  • Develop and maintain a network of contract grant writers for specialized applications and lead the contracting selection and engagement process when a contract grant writer is engaged.

  • Be or become proficient in submission and reporting platforms and procedures.


Marketing, Branding and PR: Define the public identity and image for KSTC and all its key programs, weaving a comprehensive and cohesive approach.  Implement and regularly update that identity and image, through traditional and digital marketing, public relations and social media.

  • Target KSTC’s marketing and PR efforts to a broad array of constituents:

    • Government (Executive and Legislative) audiences

    • Funders and partners, foundations, corporations

    • Past, present and potential clients

    • educational and entrepreneurial communities

  • Develop relationships with local, statewide and national media, including both general and targeted media (i.e. technical/industry journals)

  • Develop and maintain a network of contract marketing, branding, PR and graphic design experts for specialized digital and media content, and lead the contracting selection and engagement process when a contractor is engaged.

Content should include a combination of creative, qualitative story telling and data-driven, quantitative reporting as methods for communicating KSTC successes.


Funder Development: Develop relationships with foundations, corporate partners and philanthropic individuals. Through these relationships, the Director should seek to find areas to programmatically and financially partner.

  • Develop and regularly update a target list of Kentucky and national foundation partners whose missions align with KSTC’s mission. Develop and implement a strategy to approach and build relationships with these foundations.

  • Develop and regularly update a target list of Kentucky and non-Kentucky corporate partners whose business models have overlap with KSTC’s mission. Develop and implement a strategy to approach and build relationships with these corporations.

  • Develop and regularly update a target list and pipeline of contacts who may have the interest and ability to support KSTC’s philanthropic mission.  Develop and implement a strategy to approach and build relationships with these individuals.

  • Jointly lead a project to identify and implement a KSTC-wide CRM tool that is affordable, flexible and user-friendly.  Incorporate the data from varying KSTC “lists” into one master CRM database.  Ensure the database is maintained.

The role includes the management of a college intern and/or part-time marketing staff.  The Director is also encouraged to engage with students for possible project-based learning, as part of their studies at the Commonwealth’s colleges and universities.

The Director must have the ability to understand, represent and market KSTC’s diverse set of programs.


Skills & Experience:

To be successful, the Director must have strong abilities in research, relationship building and development, traditional and digital marketing.  The Director should excel in their ability to influence, collaborate, build relationships, creatively partner and close.  The Director must have strong abilities in building and managing a network of outside contractors. A combination of creative abilities and technical prowess will be important.  A candidate with established relationships in these spaces, across Kentucky, is a plus.

  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in related fields

  • Required: Minimum three years of relevant experience

  • Required: US citizen or Permanent Resident



$70K to $75K/year + full benefits package, including paid leave, health, dental, eyecare, life insurance, and retirement benefits.



The position may be based in Lexington, Louisville or northern Kentucky.  Due to KSTC headquarters being in Lexington and the statewide nature of our client and customer base, the job will require some travel to stakeholder locations, predominately in Kentucky.


KSTC is an equal opportunity employer and offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Applications are now being accepted and will be processed as they are received, with screening for interviews beginning immediately. 


To apply, please email your resume, a writing sample and a cover letter with salary requirements to